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Auto glass damage importance

auto glass damage – Auto glass is one of the most important parts of each vehicle. It includes cars, motorcycles, trucks, Trans and even airplanes. It plays one of the most important safety and aesthetics roles on cars. As a result, auto glass repair or replacement is vital for each vehicle. Constant attention to auto glass is necessary and checking auto glass condition before using vehicles is essential.

The existence of any cracked, scratch, or chipped must be taken into account otherwise it could face passengers and deriver to serious danger especially in event of accident and rollover. Neglect to auto glass repair might be fatal. Apart from mentioned points, the initial aim of auto glass was to protect from wind road and oil, petrol and water from the engine of vehicles. Moreover, the auto glass protects passengers from harmful sun rays such as UV.

Mention this point is vital that when we drive at the high-speed role of auto glass is fundamental. Especially from an aerodynamic point of view design of auto glass has a direct effect on moving vehicles. Besides auto glass can secure passengers from street dirt, wind, rain, and even animals and insects.

It should not be forgotten that auto glass lets us see sightseen and it is lead to having a good sense for passengers.

The history of auto glass

The history of auto glass

The first people who derived cars had no problem with auto glass repair whereas the first cars basically did not have auto glass. On one hand, they did not deal with cleaning or fixing auto glass and they did not need to repair the auto or even replace it on the other hand driver and passengers were exposed to natural problems such as insects, objects in the air, and severe wind.

By the early 1900 decade, the automobile industry started to add windshields to vehicles as a standard feature. At that time technology did not let them curve auto glass and they normally could fold. This Process was completed gradually by the late 1910s.

Oldsmobile which was one of the American automobiles producers started to add standard auto glass to their automobiles in 1915. After that using auto glass was widespread. At first, they had an issue with safety points sometimes they shattered and sometimes they cause to diver death during an accident.

One of the peonies of sort out this problem was Henry Ford who recognizes that the automobile industry needs cheaper and safer auto glass that can be repairable. His perseverance beside genius engineer Clarence Avery led to new technology which let factories produce shaped glass and made efficient auto glass. 

glass improvement

Another important step in auto glass improvement was laminated glass. when in 1903 effect of cellulose nitrate to protect glass from shattering was discovered by French scientist Edouard Benedictus Ford Motor Company started to made a type of auto glass with three-layer two glass layers and one cellulose layer between them .this compound made glass stronger structure and became it safer, Later they called this technology triplex.

In the 1930s to1960s auto glass industry witnessed more improvement for example bulletproof glass for police cars was made by Lincoln Motors Company.

glass improvement

latter engineers could make glass with artificial materials which prevent the glass from discoloring .more over with Herculite technology which put hated glass into cold place they could make shattered resistance auto glass.

Nowadays all companies work to make better performance of auto glass they use nanomaterial and memorable materials to make auto glass stronger, safer, and cheaper.

All these mentioned points remind us why constant monitor and maintenance of auto glass besides restore and fix any problem and pay attention to crack on glass is so important.

Some types of auto glass damage

In this part, some of the most common defects of auto glass have been demonstrated. all users must take into account that by detect of any sign apply to repair or replace auto glass.

Chip glass 

 Over years hit of a small stone, metal, or any tiny object cause to chipped glass. At first, this is not a big issue, but from the pint of the technician’s view, this chip can expand and after a while compromise the safety of drivers and passengers.

If the place of chipped is not near the edge it will not dangerous and it may easily be fixed. Prompt attention to these kinds of damage can protect from serious happened and save the cost of glass replacement.

Crack Chip

Sometimes hitting an object may change a chip to a Crack .in comparison to chips cracks are bigger and longer.

Long Crack

 Sometimes a small crack extends and by the neglect of users it would be longer than 15 cm, whether thin or thick, it is a considerable crack, and repair of auto glass is Inevitable.

Bull’s-eye Chip

 A severe hit of small rock causes deep cracks. This is one of the most common problems of auto glass and 

shows itself with a circle around a point of contact.

Scratched Glass

Scratch on auto glass is another common defeat that it can interfere with the driver’s vision. All experts in this subject believe that many scratches on the glass during time may cause to crack and weakness of glass. 


Sometimes auto glass has faced combinations of problems and in this case for the safety of drivers and passengers replacement of auto glass is necessary. Driving with damaged windows may be dangerous even for other vehicles.

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