Auto glass

Auto glass

How many times did you replace your auto glass? How much does it cost to replace once? The auto glass is a very important part of the vehicles which are protecting the internal parts and also the passengers in front of many objects.

So, replacing the auto glass in cases of damages is needed for the drivers to prevent dangerous and injuries. In this case, we intend to talk about this part and its repair to know enough if you got involved with any problem.

Everything about auto glass

The auto glass, windshield, or windscreen are all the names of the front glass window which is placed on the head of passengers’ vision and make the external way, road, or street visible.

This is an essential part to protect the passengers and drivers from external objects such as UV radiation, dust, heat, voices, wind, rain, snow, and …

Windshields are acting as a bumper for drivers and make better visions for the people who are driving the way in the right direction.

The material used for producing these glasses is too much effect on the passengers’ safety and welfare. So, it has to be produced with high-quality materials and pay attention to factors such as shape, dimensions, safety factors, application, and also physical health.

Today, the auto glass repair is also operating for the windshields that are damaged lower and can be used for more time. The related centers will repair these points with special kits, but, in some cases, the glass is broken entirely and this needs to be replaced by a new one.

Everything about auto glass

Things to pay attention about auto glass

When you intend to buy a new windshield, this is important to pay attention to many factors about the material you buy till the appearance and the prices of your product.

The most important factors are included in the below list:

  • No outgrowth on the surface of the glass
  • The glass should be entirely smooth without any scratches
  • No bubble have to be on the glass surface
  • It must be entirely clear

Auto glass safety consists of one of the other essential factors of these windshields and this is why the technology of these glasses developed and today the layer of laminate is placing between these sheets.

Things to pay attention about auto glass

The first safer windshields instead of glasses were the ones that contained Bayperne glue and the plastic bands around the shape of the glass. So, they place it on the frame of the front window and fixed it as much as the glue could.

Henry Ford was the next one who had discovered the laminated glasses that increases the safety of these products. This was the beginning for the windshields which included laminated plastic between the layers of glasses to make it safer and solid.

What are the types of auto glass?

The auto glasses are producing in different shapes and dimensions according to the type of vehicle. The percentage of safety and also the usage are two factors that producers are manufacturing different types of glasses.

These types are included:

  • Windshields equipped by PVB layer
  • Smoked glass
  • Elemental glass

The Polyvinyl Butyral is a kind of laminated layer that is placed over and bottom of the glass to make the windshield safer than normal ones. The PVB layer only installs for the front glasses and back or lateral glasses do not consist of these layers.

The smoked glasses contain one of the sport types of glasses which are covered by a layer of dark sheets over the glasses to make a shield for UV and IR radiation. This type of glass can be operated for all of the streetcars by owner’s order.

The elemental glasses intend the parallel black lines that are used for back windows. By the automotive electrical power, the power heating flows on these lines and fades all the raindrops or other things which block the driver’s vision.

What is auto glass repair?

Auto glass repair includes all the operations performed for repairing the broken, scratches, and other impacts of the glass that are repairable.

In this operation, the operator amends these points with special kits that are including glue, plastic, layer. Also, amending the scratches and impacts by laser machines is a new and simple technology to eliminate the defects.

The prices of auto glass repair depend on the center to go, the material and method of the operator, the type of glass, and also the damage rate of glass.


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